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Posted by on 10.02.2018 in Devi

Devi and I have been hard at work this week.  We’ve made progress on foldback down, which we need for drop on recall.  We’ve also made progress on the moving stand.  I’d say her targeting behavior is basically fluent, we just need to get outside to generalize.  Unfortunately the weather isn’t cooperating – we’ve had torrential rain all day and it’s supposed to be soggy for the next week.  In the meantime, we’ll stay dry and work on dumbbell skills inside.

Posted by on 04.02.2018 in Devi

Starting when Devi was little, we’d often feed her dinner from a toy.  It takes her longer to eat, makes her work for her food, and is all together a good thing.  These days we don’t use our food-dispensing toys as often, but the other day I got out our bob-a-lot (imagine a weeble-wobble that dispenses kibble) and fed Devi her dinner from it.  When I went to pick it up and put it away I noticed a bunch of crumbs on the floor next to it.  Devi always cleans up her kibble, so I looked closer.  It wasn’t crumbs, it was mouse poop.  I took a closer look at the bob-a-lot and noticed that the door that controls the kibble flow had been chewed open.  A mouse must have gotten into our pantry and made himself at home inside the bob-a-lot.  There was about 5 years of residual kibble dust in there (yum!)…  We now have mouse traps in the pantry and I had to order a new bob-a-lot.  Devi hasn’t seemed to suffer any negative effects, so I guess we got lucky?

In other news, we’re starting a new Fenzi class with Hannah Branigan.  I had signed up for a class on heeling handling, which was cancelled due to the instructor’s family emergency.  Hannah’s class was already full at gold, but we can still follow along.  I also got an email about a trial at the end of April.  Not sure we’ll be ready, but I haven’t deleted the email yet… 😉



Posted by on 14.01.2018 in Devi

As you can see in the video below, we got some “wintry weather” this past week.  It was really icy on Saturday morning, but by mid-afternoon the roads were clear and most of the ice and snow had melted.  It’s still pretty chilly out, but Devi doesn’t seem to mind, so I figured we’d test out my new toy.  I bought the Soloshot3 for riding but figured it would work OK for filming dog stuff, too.  It’s designed to be set up more than 10 feet from the subject, but we gave it a try in the yard anyway.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to need to come up with a better way to secure the tracker tag to Devi, but all things considered, it worked well.  She’s so good, too.  You can see it bouncing around on her collar 🙂

And, for fun, a few pictures from the week:

Posted by on 07.01.2018 in Devi

The weather has been unbearable this past week.  I have to bundle up in many layers to take Devi for a walk, even in the middle of the day.  We passed a woman on the sidewalk last week who commented that Devi didn’t seem at all bothered by the temperature, which is true.  Poor Devi doesn’t understand why I keep hurrying her along on our walks!

While it’s been chilly, we’ve been working on some obedience skills inside.  I’m hoping to be ready for open in June. If I can find a trial we will do graduate novice in the early spring.  Here’s a little clip of Devi working on directed attention, which will be incorporated into the directed jumping exercises, and paw targeting, which will become a go-out.

Devi has been enjoying her new down bed topper (thanks wu wu and bop bop) so much that she preferred to sleep on her own bed last night.  This is highly unusual for her, as she always sleeps with me when Jake is away.

Devi in her new down “nest” on top of her memory foam bed.

Happy 2018!!

Posted by on 01.01.2018 in Devi

We’re looking forward to this new year, Devi included.  One of my goals for 2018 is to get Devi’s PCDX and CDX titles.  Devi is really excited to go back to training.  Even though the delay was due to my schedule, it is very convenient that AKC has also eliminated the group out of sight stay.  That was going to be the hardest exercise for us 🙂  Happy new year!  We hope everyone has a wonderful 2018.

We made it back to Nashville

Posted by on 29.12.2017 in Devi

We left Maine just in time to catch the beginning of the cold snap.  The morning we left it was well below zero.  Brrr!  Devi was such a trooper for the drive.  We did 14 hours the first day with only 2 stops, and she just slept.  I put a down comforter underneath her car hammock and I think she appreciated the extra padding (Jake disagrees, but what does he know?!).  The second day was much shorter, only 8 hours, and the drive was pretty smooth.  We arrived home to 35 degrees and sun.  My Nashville friends have been complaining about the cold, but after negative temps, 35 felt balmy!  Devi celebrated a successful 2500 mile trip by taking a walk with me, and she alerted the neighborhood dogs to our return by peeing on all the telephone poles. 🙂

Happy Christmas!

Posted by on 25.12.2017 in Devi

We’re enjoying another 4″ of snow, and we hope that everyone has a great holiday!

Snow monsters!

Posted by on 23.12.2017 in Devi

Devi and her cousin Lexi have been enjoying lots of fresh snow.  We’re due to get freezing rain later today, so they’ve been making the most of the 5-6″ we have on the ground right now ❄️❄️


We made it to Maine!

Posted by on 19.12.2017 in Devi

We all survived the 14-hour drive on Friday, which took us to NYC where we stayed with friends.  Devi got along just fine with their big (100+ lb) lab.  We left early Sunday morning and drove the rest of the way to Maine.  We were lucky with weather, and didn’t have any problems on the drive.  Devi wasn’t thrilled to get back in the car again on Sunday, but she took one for the team 🙂


Since we’ve been in Maine, Devi has been re-acquainted with Katy the lab and has met Lexi the bouv.  Lexi is from show lines and is built very differently than Devi.  Lexi is taller, more slab sided, and has less of a tuck in her waist.  She’s about 15 lbs heavier too.  You can see her tower over Devi in the photos.  This wouldn’t surprise anyone who has met Devi, but she’s decided that someone needs to run this show, and that it should be her.  She mostly ignores Lexi, who is 2 and still wants to play all the time, but when she feels it is necessary, Devi will use her body to block Lexi.  Lexi wisely does what Devi says.  So far, no problems, except when Devi tried to steal Lexi’s dinner.  Now meals are eaten separately…

Enjoy these photos from the trip so far!

Posted by on 04.12.2017 in Devi

We were treated to some nice warm (mid 60s!) weather this weekend, so we all spent time outside.  We’ll be in for a shock when we leave for Maine in 10 days.  Devi is off to the groomer next weekend so she’ll be clean while we travel and spend time with family.