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Posted by on 14.06.2017 in Devi

Stray doggie.

This past week was another hectic one!  On Tuesday morning, Devi and I went for a run in the park, and ran straight into a dog.  Limping around, at 5am, in the fog.  No owner.  We jogged home and I left Devi, and drove back down to the park hoping that someone else had picked the dog up.  No luck.  He was super friendly, had no problem hopping in the car with me, and so I brought him home.  He was older, and obese, and had a collar but no tag.  I took him to the vet when they opened – no microchip.  I tried to get him an appointment at the humane society, but it turns out, they don’t accept dogs over the age of 8.  He’s pretty close to 8 if he’s not there already.  His leg was clearly causing him pain, so I took him to the vet, and they turned him over to metro animal control.  They have a vet on staff and by all accounts, they are doing a really good job of caring for dogs.  I’ve been keeping an eye on him via their website, and he looks much better.  Still no sign of his people though…  (and really, who believes that an injured dog just happened to wander out into the middle of a park at 5AM?).  Anyway, I hope some kind soul adopts him.  Jake would murder me if I took him 😉

Merle in her favorite gait, canter!

The other big news for the week is regarding horses!  Merlé and I went to our first show together.  We had 2 rides on Saturday and one on Sunday.  The first ride on Saturday was a total disaster.  Merlé’s last competitions (prior to me taking the reins) were in FEI (international level) dressage.  In those tests, you enter the arena at a canter.  So, what does she want to do with me?, enter the arena at a canter.  Too bad that in my test, you are *supposed* to enter at a trot.  So, we cantered the first part of the trot work, and then it became clear that she was not going to trot, so I just withdrew from the test.  The second test was only an hour later, but she managed to trot in, and we ended up scoring a 66% for first place.  On Sunday we repeated the test that we flubbed the day before, and while it wasn’t perfect (and she still tried to tell me we should be cantering), we got through it.  We ended up with a 63% and another first place.

Poor Devi wants to know when the blog posts are going to be about HER again?!  🙂