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KongTime2 Automatic Kong Dispenser

Posted by on 17.09.2012 in Devi

The original KongTime.

There is an automatic Kong dispenser known as the KongTime that was made until ~2010 by a small company called Dogopolis.  It has 5-star reviews on Amazon and sold for about $100 when new.  It is a genius device that stored 4 Kongs and released them individually under the control of 4 timers, an ideal setup for providing doggy entertainment throughout the day.  We stuff Kongs for Devi every day and she LOVES them.  We’ve tried everything to make them last longer and haven’t been successful.  When we leave her for the day she’ll tear through 4 hard packed frozen Kongs in the first hour she’s alone.  Because she eats all her Kongs in the first hour she tends to get bored by about 3 PM.  We really, and I mean really, wanted a KongTime dispenser to space out Devi’s Kong enjoyment and make the 3-4 PM hour go by a little faster for her.   Sadly, Dogopolis has ceased to exist and KongTime dispensers rarely if ever come up on eBay.  If you google KongTime you will find people who are lucky enough to own one gloating about it on threads started by people looking to buy one .  🙂

Jake ready to do some ‘real’ work.


Due to the lack of purchasable KongTimes Jake and I set out to build our own Kong dispenser.  We bought an automatic cat feeder that has 2 compartments, each under the control of  an individual timer.  Each compartment holds 1 stuffed Kong.  Devi is too determined for a simple floor feeder, she would easily find a way to get the Kongs out.  We had to find a way to keep it out of reach but still able to dispense the Kongs.  We installed an eye bolt in the ceiling, drilled some holes in the cat feeder, and hung it from the ceiling. We tested it out yesterday – it does indeed dispense Kongs when the timer goes off.  They drop from a height of about 6 feet but they don’t actually make a mess when they hit the ground, as we cover the open end of the Kong with a carrot slice.  The timers aren’t very precise (imagine a 48 hour rotary dial with just hour indicators) so we were unable to record the action.  When the first Kong fell out of the dispenser and hit the floor it startled Devi, but she went right over to investigate and was so excited to find a KONG!  On the FLOOR!  However did that happen?!  Now my only concern is that one will land on her.  If we are consistent with the times at which the machine dispenses Kongs I think she’ll learn the pattern and she’s certainly smart enough to avoid sitting under it.  I tried to position it such that the Kongs don’t fall on a place she likes to lay.  On the other hand, maybe she wouldn’t be too upset if one fell on her, because LOOK!  A KONG!  Oh Boy!!

Devi enjoying the fruits of her new Kong dispenser.

A closeup of the KongTime2.