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Posted by on 21.08.2016 in Devi

This summer has been extraordinarily wet in Tennessee.  I swear, it’s rained almost every week.  This week it rained multiple times a day, for several days in a row.  It’s made everything a bit swampy, and that cuts into dog and horse activities.  This past week was the final carting class.  It won’t be offered again until next summer, which is unfortunate, but we have plenty we can practice on our own.  Our biggest hurdle is that Devi wants to heel while pulling her cart, and I’m having a hard time teaching her that heeling is separate from what we do with the cart.

Anyway, enjoy the video below!

Tomato Art Fest

Posted by on 13.08.2016 in Devi

Today we took Devi to the Tomato Art Fest in East Nashville (http://www.tomatoartfest.com/about/).  During the art fest the city closes the main intersection in our ‘hood and tons of street vendors come out to sell pretty much anything you can think of.  There are food stands, lots of art (jewelry, wall art, photos, etc), and booths for plenty of other local businesses.  Like our neighborhood, it is a very canine-friendly festival, with lots of vendors offering doggie pools, water bowls, and treats galore.  Devi, Jake, Becca (Jake’s sister) and I all wandered the festival for an hour this afternoon.  Devi did great and was a wonderful representative for her breed 🙂

In other news, Devi pulled a cart for the first time this week.  Our last carting class is this coming week, I will try to get some pictures.

Posted by on 07.08.2016 in Devi

We have an abundance of fun things to post this week!  Devi and Jake went to carting class on their own while I was out of town, and although Jake complained that it was tiring, I think they had a good time.  Devi is now pulling the cart frame, but she’s pretty sure she doesn’t like being trapped by the shafts.  We’re taking it slow on that.  I have included a little video of her pulling her cart frame, just for fun.

Devi and I have also been working on her heeling in preparation for her novice debut.  She LOVES to heel so much that she gets carried away and tries to wrap herself around my left leg. She ends up bumping her chin onto the top part of my thigh when we move, and she ends up sitting with her haunches out.  We’re working on that.  So far the progress is slow, but she has so much fun when she’s heeling that it’s hard to stop her when she’s incorrect.

Here’s a video of Devi “finding” Jake in the morning – as you can see, she thinks this game is great fun.

Posted by on 29.07.2016 in Devi

I know it’s a week day, which is an odd time for me to post a blog, but I’m going to Philly on Saturday and wanted to update before I leave!  Devi’s started carting class, and this week we learned to pull an empty jug.  The floor of the training building is rubber mats, so the jug didn’t make much noise.  Today we practiced pulling the jug on the cement driveway.  It was certainly noisier (my poor neighbors – at least I waited until 7:30am to start!).  The next step is to fill the jug with rocks, and Devi is pretty unsure about this step.  She will sometimes pause and look back at it.  She’s never been a big fan of loud noises, so I think I’m going to need to feed extra tasty snacks when we pull the rock jug.  Good thing she LOVES eggs, cheese, and hot dogs 🙂   The other skill we’ve been working on is pivoting on her rear feet.  She’s a pivot machine when her front feet are fixed, but we never bothered to teach her the opposite skill.  It’s been quite challenging for her, because whenever she sees an object she automatically puts her front paws on it and pivots the rears.  She’s finally getting it, but I was a bit worried at first.  Our final piece of news is that we’re registered for Novice A at an obedience trial at our training building on labor day weekend.  Here’s hoping she holds the stays!!

Here’s a video of her pivoting on her hind feet and pulling her rock jugs:

Posted by on 24.07.2016 in Devi

Just a quick update today – last week was hectic and next week isn’t looking much better.  We have started carting class, which is looking to be fun.  Devi’s harness is a bit too snug, so we’re borrowing one from our instructor.  I’ll update with pics of the new harness when it arrives, but in the meantime here’s a photo of the returned one!

Posted by on 10.07.2016 in Devi

We have some good news to report this week.  Devi’s paw has healed up nicely from her trail running injury, and we were able to attend the final class in the obedience series we were taking.  The final class was a novice run, which we did as much like a “real” show as possible.  Everyone got numbers, had to warm up outside the ring, etc.  I hadn’t done any work with Devi in more than a week (since she was injured), but she did a great job.  She bumped me a few times with her head during off and on lead heeling, and she sat a little crooked at the halt a couple of times, but she ROCKED the figure 8, and that is typically our weakest point!  Her attention was rock solid, and she was prancing around like a little princess.  She did the group sit and down like a champ, she didn’t make a peep, and she didn’t break even when the dog next to her lay down during the sit.  Our score was a 195.5, which I was very pleased with, considering we hadn’t even practiced in a couple weeks.  Obedience is on break until late August, so we will work on precision heeling elements at home to clean up the head bumping and the crooked sits.  If we can get a 195.5 in the ring in September, though, I’ll be pretty pleased!

In other news, Devi had her annual checkup.  As far as we can tell she’s a very healthy girl, but I opted to get her blood drawn because one of the other bouviers at our dog club recently passed away from leukemia.  He was 5 years old, and was outwardly healthy all his life.  Within the space of 3 days, though, he got sick and died.  The leukemia was found on necropsy.  So, Devi will be having a blood count so I feel better 🙂  I also asked the vet to show me how to express Devi’s anal glands, because she’s been doing it in her sleep for years (ugh), and it hasn’t gotten any better when we’ve introduced extra fiber into her diet.  The vet kindly showed me how to do it on Devi, but her glands were basically empty, so he brought his own dog in and we expressed his glands. Our vet is great 😉


Happy 4th of July!

Posted by on 04.07.2016 in Devi

Devi would like to wish everyone a happy holiday.  She would have made a sign, but she’s wiped out from our trail run this morning, and has been curled up on the couch ever since we got home.  She did well staying home with the dog sitter, which was a relief.  Jake and I have simultaneous conferences in different parts of the country in late October, so we’re planning to have the sitter come back to watch Devi while we’re away.  I hope everyone has a great day, and that all canines manage to survive the fireworks!

Posted by on 01.07.2016 in Devi

Jake and I are heading out of town tonight, we’ll be on our way to SE Missouri to visit his family.  Devi is staying home with a dog sitter for the first time, so wish her luck!  🙂  Her sitter is an MD/PhD student at Vanderbilt who runs and plays lacrosse, and Devi liked her immediately.  I think they’ll do just fine together, but of course, I can’t help but worry.  Here are a few photos we took this week.  I will update on Sunday, after we return from our trip.  Happy July 4th weekend!

Posted by on 26.06.2016 in Devi

This weekend was another busy one for us.  On Saturday Devi hung out with Jake while I was at a horse show, and on Sunday, I took Devi on a trail run with my friend and her dog.  We all had a good time, in spite of the heat.  Devi did manage to land wrong on a sharp rock, and while she was fine the rest of the run, I noticed her limping a bit when she walked on gravel later in the morning.  I checked her for cuts and didn’t see any, so I’m hoping she feels better with a day or two of light exercise.

Devi also had her first encounter with an armadillo (at least, we think it was an armadillo).  On Friday night Jake let her out just before bed, and she went outside, sniffed the air, and then took off into the yard.  He could see a lighter colored shape over by the fence, but couldn’t tell what it was.  Devi basically crashed into the animal and fell over.  Jake called her back, and she came, and then he and I went to see what it was.  By the time we made it back outside with a flashlight, it was gone, and all that was left was a little pile of dirt where it had been sitting.  Our only other thoughts were cat or possum, but I think Devi would have tried to bite a “squishy” animal if that’s what it was… Who knows!


Posted by on 19.06.2016 in Devi

As Devi says in her message, happy father’s day!  It has been a steamy weekend, but luckily Devi just got her summer haircut.  She’s feeling a good bit cooler, even if none of her Bouvier relatives would recognize her as one of them.  In other news, one of the other barn ladies has a 9 week old rat terrier pup, who met Devi this morning.  Devi was very polite, but not at all interested in playing/being mauled by the puppy.  The little pup would try to play by jumping up toward Devi’s shoulder, and Devi would just turn away, which caused the little pup to lose her balance and flip onto her back.  It didn’t stop her from trying again though!  Other than that, we don’t have a ton of news.  Dog class comes to an end next Tuesday, which means that we’ll have a chance to do a novice run through.  Hopefully it will go well!

And, for those who may be interested, here is one video from the horse show last weekend. We scored better the first day, but of course that wasn’t the ride that I had recorded…!