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Posted by on 05.08.2018 in Devi

I was away most of this week, which means that Jake and Devi were left to fend for themselves.  Somehow they both survived 🙂  This weekend Devi accompanied me to the barn both days.  She’s made friends with Galaxy, who is very interested in her.  She wisely stays out of his way, but whenever the opportunity presents itself, he will lean down to give her some sniffs.  He’s gotten used to her coming flying up from behind him when she’s loose – he doesn’t mind at all.  I’m guessing that he’s known other dogs in his life, but I’m very happy that he tolerates her.  She’s happy to chill in the shade while I ride, provided that Galaxy shares his treats with her at the end of the ride.


Posted by on 22.07.2018 in Devi

The weather was cool enough this weekend for us to get some really fun family walks in!  We went to the park on Saturday morning, and as we were walking, Jake and I were thinking that’s it had been at least 6 weeks since the last time we visited.  Devi, of course, had a blast.  Hours later Jake and I were finding itsy-bitsy baby ticks on us (😱) so the next time we go to the park, I think we’ll all make sure we stay on the trail!  In other news, Devi had her yearly vet exam.  The vet declared her in “perfect” body condition at 70lb.

Welcome to the family, Galaxy!

Posted by on 15.07.2018 in Devi

This weekend was very exciting for me, as I finally after many years of leasing, bought a horse!  It was less exciting for Devi, who spent Saturday at the groomer and Sunday chillin’ at home with Jake.  I try to get at least one week of “clean” dog before I take her to the barn, but she’ll meet Galaxy next weekend.  I am sure they will get along just fine. 💜

Posted by on 08.07.2018 in Devi

This weekend we drove to SE Missouri for a 4th of July BBQ with Jake’s extended family.  We left Friday night, drove 4 hours, and spent the night at a hotel.  Saturday morning we wandered around a small park and then drove to the party.  Devi had a great time, although the resident rat terrier was not her biggest fan…  Devi solicited pets from many party goers including some who were not “dog people”.  She got rave reviews and was an excellent ambassador for well-trained Bouviers.  🙂

Posted by on 24.06.2018 in Devi

We’ve had a pretty low key weekend; a couple trips to the barn, some time lounging in the yard, and of course some cuddles.  Not a bad way to celebrate the start of summer!


Posted by on 17.06.2018 in Devi

This weekend Becca came to visit us.  Devi was very excited to see her (watch her little tail stub in the video below).  In addition to all the fun of having someone else to play with, Devi got to go to the barn with me.  It has been nearly 100 each day but that hasn’t stopped Devi from wanting to hang out on the concrete driveway and watch the world.  🙂

And here you can watch Devi blow off Jake’s command not to greet Auntie Becca:

Posted by on 10.06.2018 in Devi

We had another lovely week, lots of sun, and only one thunderstorm.  Devi got to come play at the barn yesterday.  She said hello to all her human friends and kept Axel the horse company in the outdoor ring.  She likes to lead the way as we go for a hack around the property and he is content to follow her.  It’s pretty funny because she’s often on the hunt for some small mammal and so she often will take very circuitous routes.  Axel just walks along behind her, oblivious 🙂


Posted by on 03.06.2018 in Devi

We’ve had another really fun week.  I’ve been having an instrument installed at work and so I had cleared my schedule.  The vendor shipped an incorrect part and so the install was delayed, which left me with lots of “free” time!  Devi and I have done lots of fun things this week.  Here are a few pictures of us hanging out and a cute video of Jake and Devi playing and doing some obedience signals. She loves this Kong “stick” toy that my mom got her for Christmas.  But then again, she’ll play tug with anything you give her.  Also, note how she “captures” Jake’s leg during tug… 😂

Posted by on 27.05.2018 in Devi

Devi has been a lucky girl this weekend.  Yesterday we took a nice long stroll through the park.  She got some good sniffing done.  Today she came with me to the barn and we had the place to ourselves.  She ran around for a couple of hours and now she’s passed out on the couch.  Not a bad way to spend a Sunday!

Happy Memorial Day!

Posted by on 20.05.2018 in Devi

Devi had a great week.  We ran twice, about 3 miles each time, which she really enjoyed.  She can’t always tell whether we will run based on my clothes, but the moment I grab my running shoes she runs to the door and bounces.  She also got to come to the barn both days this weekend.  I’ve been riding a bunch of horses, many of whom are less dog-savvy than Merlé was.  One of them is a youngster who is very interested in Devi – she follows her around and tries to sniff her.  Devi (wisely) backs away.  I guess she remembers the lessons she learned back in California – beware the feet and the teeth!  🙂

Wearing her thundershirt during a particularly long thunderstorm. It really makes a difference.