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Posted by on 20.10.2018 in Devi

We have continued our jet-setting ways these past few weeks.  I was in Minneapolis for a conference last week and this week Jake was in San Diego for a conference.  I think his weather was slightly better than what I got in Minneapolis!  While Jake’s been gone Devi has been keeping me company at the barn and around the house.  We’ve started to have some “fall” weather and of course she is extra cuddly when there’s a chill in the air.

Posted by on 06.10.2018 in Devi

We’ve had a relaxing, enjoyable week getting back into the swing of things.  Sadly I am gone AGAIN next week, but Jake will be home with Devi.  I’ll be freezing to death in Minneapolis for a conference.  Even though I have been complaining about how it’s 88 degrees in October, I think that’ll feel good after experiencing real fall in Minnesota.  🙂

And just for fun, look at this cute video of Galaxy enjoying a scratch. Watch his little nose 😂

Posted by on 29.09.2018 in Devi

Jake and I made it back from our epic adventure in Europe.  We were in Munich to visit friends for a few days then we spent about 10 days traveling through Austria.  We visited Tyrol (stayed in Otztal), the Salzkammergut (stayed in Gmunden) and Vienna.  We had a great time hiking, biking, swimming, and sightseeing.  I think I tried every pastry Vienna has to offer (and probably drank a coffee at every cafe).  I was relieved to find that my riding boots still zipped up when I got home 😉

In Devi news, she had a good time with the house-sitters.  They took her on a ton of really long walks (like 2+ hours!) and since they work from home she was not lonely.  Still, she was happy to see us and has been settling back into her normal routine.  The only other news is that yesterday she lay down on an ant hill and got bitten by a bunch of ants.  Their bites were very itchy and so she’s been medicated with Benadryl and hydrocortisone cream.  She also has to wear this really sweet t-shirt to keep the hydrocortisone from getting all over the furniture.  As you can see from the photo below, she doesn’t really like the t-shirt.  Galaxy didn’t really like her wearing it either – kinda freaked him out 🙂


Happy Labor Day!

Posted by on 02.09.2018 in Devi

I will be away from home 22 days this month (😱).  Needless to say, we did not travel for the holiday weekend.  Instead, Devi and I took advantage of the fact that many folks did travel and we hung out at the barn.  Devi got to keep us company in the arena yesterday and today she got to lead the way as we hacked around the property.  Nothing like a happy, tired bouv!

Posted by on 26.08.2018 in Devi

It’s been several weeks since I last posted.  I’ve been on quite the series of adventures!  Last weekend I was in Maine visiting my family and this weekend Jake and I were in Kansas City for Jake’s brother’s wedding.  My whirlwind travel doesn’t end there – next week I’m headed to the Bay Area for a work trip – and then the week after that Jake and I are heading to Germany!  We’ll be back at the end of September.  I think I’m away as much as I am home this month.  I don’t know how people can travel this much all the time.  It’s so exhausting.

In any case, Devi has done very well with all of the travel.  We actually had our first “blind” trusted housesitters people come and stay with her while we were at the wedding.  I say blind because we hadn’t actually met these people before they came to watch her, but we had interviewed them via Skype.  They flew here from Toronto and hung out with Devi for the weekend and set off for Memphis when we got home.  It was an excellent experience!  They took great care of Devi and left the house cleaner than it was when they arrived.  Devi also liked them – she joined them in bed both nights.  😂

We have another couple coming to watch Devi while we are in Germany.  I hope she likes them as much as she liked these folks!

Us at the wedding reception.

Posted by on 05.08.2018 in Devi

I was away most of this week, which means that Jake and Devi were left to fend for themselves.  Somehow they both survived 🙂  This weekend Devi accompanied me to the barn both days.  She’s made friends with Galaxy, who is very interested in her.  She wisely stays out of his way, but whenever the opportunity presents itself, he will lean down to give her some sniffs.  He’s gotten used to her coming flying up from behind him when she’s loose – he doesn’t mind at all.  I’m guessing that he’s known other dogs in his life, but I’m very happy that he tolerates her.  She’s happy to chill in the shade while I ride, provided that Galaxy shares his treats with her at the end of the ride.


Posted by on 22.07.2018 in Devi

The weather was cool enough this weekend for us to get some really fun family walks in!  We went to the park on Saturday morning, and as we were walking, Jake and I were thinking that’s it had been at least 6 weeks since the last time we visited.  Devi, of course, had a blast.  Hours later Jake and I were finding itsy-bitsy baby ticks on us (😱) so the next time we go to the park, I think we’ll all make sure we stay on the trail!  In other news, Devi had her yearly vet exam.  The vet declared her in “perfect” body condition at 70lb.

Welcome to the family, Galaxy!

Posted by on 15.07.2018 in Devi

This weekend was very exciting for me, as I finally after many years of leasing, bought a horse!  It was less exciting for Devi, who spent Saturday at the groomer and Sunday chillin’ at home with Jake.  I try to get at least one week of “clean” dog before I take her to the barn, but she’ll meet Galaxy next weekend.  I am sure they will get along just fine. 💜

Posted by on 08.07.2018 in Devi

This weekend we drove to SE Missouri for a 4th of July BBQ with Jake’s extended family.  We left Friday night, drove 4 hours, and spent the night at a hotel.  Saturday morning we wandered around a small park and then drove to the party.  Devi had a great time, although the resident rat terrier was not her biggest fan…  Devi solicited pets from many party goers including some who were not “dog people”.  She got rave reviews and was an excellent ambassador for well-trained Bouviers.  🙂

Posted by on 24.06.2018 in Devi

We’ve had a pretty low key weekend; a couple trips to the barn, some time lounging in the yard, and of course some cuddles.  Not a bad way to celebrate the start of summer!